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Have you ever left your comfort zone? For 3 weeks, 6 new adventurers traveled 400 kilometers on foot to meet the aborigines of the community of Kaltukatjara.

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From June 1, 2018 to September 16, 2018, I completed the French swimming tour along the coast from Dunkerque to Monaco.


WILD, the survival race is a program broadcast on M6 in Prime Time. After 5 weeks, I won the game.


28°59'40.5"N 98°36'17.8"E

10°16'10.9"N 106°45'43.5"E


A 4,400 km journey from Tibet to Vietnam for 6 months.


37°41'50.0"S 145°00'55.5"E

12°28'00.5"S 130°50'36.1"E


A 5,400 km adventure through running outback, ALONE and WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.

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