Explorer Adventurer



My name is Rémi Camus, I am an adventurer, explorer, survival instructor and motivational Speaker.


For a decade, I have been engaged through various actions in order to raise awareness of the population about the preservation and access to water.

In this context, I regularly give conferences to all audiences to alert on the state of the waters in France and in the world.


Here I am at the age of 5 years, a kid, certainly, cute in photo, but untenable when I was outside. It reminds me of when my father told me that I had to go out tied up with a harness because I was driving my parents crazy.

My childhood takes place in the family home where I spend a large part of my time in the woods and forests building huts and shelters with my neighbor. When it rains, we take the opportunity to visit the houses in the neighborhood that have been abandoned or have no occupants.

It is surely during this period that my taste for escape takes on its full meaning. I also improve in DIY all kinds by watching my father build vacuums with a water pump or maybe the opposite, I don't know anymore.

Once I even finish with my fingers burned, because I try to check if a bulb works with a car battery. The answer is yes and it boosts the heart as a bonus.

During studies, I decide to turn to catering. I am at the Lycée Jacques Coeur in Bourges.
A technological baccalaureate in my pocket, I set off to roam the roads of France by alternating the winter and summer seasons. I remember in memory of my visit to school this sentence from my teacher in accommodation: "Catering leads to everything."

Not sure to understand its meaning.

After several years working in France, I decided to give me a chance in England in order to be able to hold a conversation of more than two minutes in English.


I quickly find my marks in England. I quickly learn English.
But the desire for travel is much stronger. I meet Gary who will later become my manager in the French restaurant Brasserie Rhône.

He talks to me about his young age and explains that at the age of 21, he was in New Zealand to go around the world. Curiosity wins me over, I look on the Internet what the Maori country may look like.
It seems so magical that a month later, I bring my letter of resignation to fly to the other side of the world.

Will follow several trips to Poland, Australia, South East Asia before finding myself in a restaurant 1 star in the Michelin guide near Geneva where I obtain the status of butler.

One winter morning in 2010, I took a vacation to join my mom in Brittany. This week of rest will be the start of my career change.
At the bend of a flea market, I meet a woman who sells her entire collection of books. My gaze stops on this one : "Au
Coeur des Amériques" by Jamel Balhi. This book is about
his adventure across the continent, that is, 24,000 kilometers running in 1 year and a half.

I read the book overnight and the next day I decided to challenge myself: run across a country.